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tv   [untitled]    September 15, 2011 5:01pm-5:31pm EDT

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international news and comment live from my headquarters here in central moscow this is r.t. just past one am here eleven pm in tripoli where british prime minister david cameron has promised financial aid to libya's new leaders he's there with french president nicolas sarkozy in support of the regime there warplanes helped put in power. in tripoli is across the latest developments for us. french president carter causey and which prime minister david cameron hey leave here first of all to show their support for the country's new authorities for the national transitional council both political and financial since this week that comes just days before all deliveries will be resumed and also you military support not surprisingly that these two leaders have become the first to visit khadafi free libya these two countries france and britain have played a crucial role in the currently been revolution because of course he has said that
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nato will continue to fall mainly beer and ministry facilities. here in leave here till the rebels take control over the whole of the country fighting still continues over at least for gadhafi stronghold as including. the colonel's hometown city some six hundred kilometers east of the capital tripoli and bani walid in the south cheaply meanwhile russia's foreign ministry has announced today that they will call for a no fly zone to be lifted things it's no longer aimed at protecting civilians just ahead of these two leaders visit here to tripoli the head of the national judicial council mr father joe who has pledged that both sikorsky and cameron will be safe he's mentioned that because the security situation in the country here in the capital tripoli remains a very tough very difficult very complicated and still while there still remain
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several pockets all over the libya where still held by khadafi forces even in the capital it's not it's not equally well how by by the rabble son not all the districts here in libya are supporting the new authorities here's my report about that. and months after tripoli fell into rebels' hands those who backed the old regime remain defiant but fearful in parts of the city the rebels triumphant campaign feels like it's never happened or did so somewhere else. i doubt that we will do anything to mom our only moammar even if we have to give all nice. seven support for the ousted leader dissolves once they see our camera if you were there you. go one with a weird television how could you tell it on camera why. it's the same situation
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with others two. hundred percent good we don't want this revolution we don't know the rebels we want them to go away like we are all television south america there's no real camera here no no thanks all right gave her a camera they will send the good to her well oh all the criminals we don't know them you call them the rebels hey guys do you remember enough the black guy he was arrested a few days ago after hearing hearing on t.v. don't do that you sags you slogans new speeches. the rebels were out celebrating again this week when they had of the national transitional council his new authority to rise in the capital before large crowds even libyans in no doubt about who's ruling out. the those who don't support mr fogg those only and who we used to see all across the city proudly waving green flags just weeks ago back in khadafi now trying not to leave their own backyards here there are
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prayers there are. bills i. shared. with many. here very. tough it is affectively gun then you also have several down here in the capital tripoli people are chanting that is him free country but it seems that there is at least one thing that still remains of all the. fear. one youngster finally agrees to talk. tripoli is now under the control of the national transitional council and we don't feel we have freedom to talk or to express an opinion. in favor of gadhafi that can kill us and the rest of us of course while you're in that fire. the nineteen year old says many of his friends have been arrested recently for making critical statements about new regime ironically we're
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talking just a kilometer away from one of the dock is top secret jails for political prisoners known as abu sleen don't believe the rebels they only represent themselves not the libyan people this revolution started with killings to intimidate through fear their houses are covered in blogs amnesty international has recently accused both gadhafi regime and the one which replaced it of committing war crimes including killings and torture of military prisoners and civilians these are being felt by some here that more is in store. roof notion r t tripoli libya. and. from the institute for democracy and cooperation in paris says that the cameron sarkozy visit to libya on the lies is the real goal of the nato strategy. i don't think anybody seriously bought the line that this intervention
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was about protecting civilians that was merely the fig leaf the legal feed leaf that france britain and america used to overthrow gadhafi the west by overthrowing gadhafi wanted to maintain the fiction that the entire world is moving towards a western dominated model of pro western model it wanted to show that the arab spring movement was a movement for liberal western style democracy and of course as soon as a country. as a regime stood in the way of that apparent wave which was the case of libya it's regime was brushed aside that has now been achieved and that's why david cameron and nicolas sarkozy have gone there today it's to demonstrate that fact and it's to publicize to show to the world their victory at least in their own terms. and as you can read the editor of the pan-african newswire says the western leaders visit to the country is an attempt to reap the financial rewards of helping put the rebels in power. the national transition council would have never been able to get
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outside of benghazi if it had not been for the support of the united states as well as the nato forces they have supplied these rebels with arms with diplomatic cover and then of course there was the so-called no fly zone over libya which has really been a massive bombing operation against that country of six million people it's a very very tense situation that exists right now all over the country so i believe that the visit on a part of nikolaus cycle see a flounce and david cameron a witness is an attempt to shore up this colonial takeover of the most all rich and the most prosperous country on the after continent. and he spoke to russia's envoy to the u.n. he says the libyan experience is helping determine moscow's position on syria and you can see the full interview in about ten minutes from now in the meantime is a brief pretty. if you want to protect civilians the last thing you do is the
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start of a civil war and this is what happened let's face it our concern is that any sanctions resolution. on syria in the security council might be seen by destructive elements of syrian opposition as sort of encouragement looking at something similar to what happened in libya may be happening in syria and that could have extremely destructive consequences our western colleagues swearing to us that this is not their intention to use military force well incidentally we have to remind them that with their statements and assurances from them of various sorts when we're working on that resolution in libya which then will very quickly forgotten in the heat of the battle and you need to. and that interview coming up. way to later here on russia's political season may have only
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just got underway but the first scandal has already arrived the party run by russia's third richest man has collapsed less than three months after he became its leader. has the details for us from moscow. the m. vicious plan of the right cause party which was to gain some fifteen percent of the vote clashed over some far more modest political for a cause and reality is now the proper of has left the party will hardly make it into dumont but we all have to understand that program is very good in p.r. himself in dealing with john lewis and this is what we witnessed today we all remember that he is not afraid to be are we remember how he made it to they had lines international headlines in two thousand and seven when he was arrested by french police in course chevelle on suspicion that he arranged prostitutes for russia's border guards there and we remember what it and up like headed up like the
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french authorities officially apologized before him during an official visit in two thousand and nine and has brought her of himself said today i may make one microstate backwards he said but then i will make a long jump forward just wait and see a very bold step for a person who's only making first steps on a political arena but what we're seeing is actually called on clashes in the ranks of a political force and sadly this has become somewhat of a butt tradition with russia's right wing forces and now that. leaves the ranks of the party is no longer its leader it's not clear what part of the electorate the right course will be you are at all and secondly it's interesting what will happen with all the money which a process which it invested into these projects that we are talking about some thirty million dollars. today that he'll be doing all his best to pull the money out of the party now that he's left and he'll be forming a new political force well we'll wait and see what will be the future of yet
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another movement of this billionaire turned politician. katrina which over there where we've got more on this and all the other stories we're showing you here on screen all our web site at. the moment should you log on officials have ruled out gage handbrake as the cause of last week's plane crash that killed an entire national team you can read the story of many theories that have been put forward and dismissed by the experts. called to swallow a dog and were thousands of dollars is found in the stomach of a man suspected of theft and a spanish restaurant has gone up more on that story and plenty of others of. u.s. missile defense plans in europe have gathered pace with potent becoming the third country this week to confirm its commitment to the controversial project the two countries have made a joint statement specifying which elements of the nato backed shield will be
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deployed in poland by twenty eighteen. and has the latest from washington. the police think missile defense agreement signed between the u.s. and poland in two thousand and eight and it's amending protocol of two thousand and ten has come into force this thursday as we speak it in vision is the deployment of a land base there some three system in poland and it's part of america's revamped plan to build a missile shield in europe with elements of it deployed in different countries in eastern europe just earlier this week an agreement was signed between in washington between romania and the u. way romania too will host a very good land base this in three interceptors on wednesday turkey and the us signed a similar agreement but that one was about deployment of of an early warning radar or keep the shills will be unfolding fairly close to russian borders needless to say that's always been an irritant in the relations between washington and moscow the war of words on missile defense has been going on for quite some time now with
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washington saying we need powerful missile interceptors against a possible attack from some dangerous they usually namely ran in north korea and moscow saying why would you need interceptors for weapons that those ropes they still but russia does and russia views america's missile defense plans as an attempt to breach that very precious parity principle that was said by the start treaty russians have been quite persistent for years you know saying it's ok if it's not against us in this thing together in this building missile shield in europe together and the response they get is always a no you know they say they say we will cooperate but not on equal terms to that russians say then give us a legally binding guarantees that the defense system will not be used against us. fifteen minutes past the hour very nearly here time to update you on some of the other international headlines making news at this stage of the day the palestinian envoy to the united nations has said the final decision will be made in the next few days over a bid for full u.n.
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membership tracks on an earlier statement by the foreign minister in ramallah who said a formal bid for full statehood would be submitted next friday under u.n. rules such an application must first be approved by the security council washington said last week that it will use its veto to block it another option for the palestinians is to opt for u.n. member observer status which would go straight to the general assembly where there is no power of veto. a suicide bombing at a funeral in northwest pakistan has killed at least thirty one further fifty injured and police say the attack took place during a burial prize for a tribal leader who had formed a local militia to oppose islamist militants in the area though a deal of the gym is close to the afghan border which is seen as violence between militants and security. and to dramatic pictures of a foreign board a cruise ship off the western coast of norway at least two of its crew members have been killed and nine people were injured over two hundred passengers had to
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evacuate the ship after the blaze broke out in the engine room police suspect an explosion may have triggered the incident. now it seems sometimes you have to leave russia if you really want to get to know it better and this week a special series of our russia close up reports come from outside the country from norway's spitzbergen archipelago russians developed a coal mining community there during the soviet period and as the reports twenty years after the u.s.s.r. ceased to exist many there are still living in old. cluster of violence between the devil and the deep blue sea for the us aside the spitzbergen archipelago was a lot like puerto rico for the us not entirely its own not food for in a form pulls between north america and western europe and as many hope a future base for the russian advance in the arctic. just a few words about this monument. to their lives and. of course
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all of this the most western tourists this morning meant is a testament to the failed soviet envisions the town of baron's burke once a flourishing mining community is in a serious thing. behind this appealing facade one can also see a freshly painted writing on the wall that russians on a living in fact their back. right to be. of the second summer in a row that. spending on bergen decorating the kindergarten give the fiction of russia as an arc is not to project an image of an unshakable state emerging from dire straits of history in a town that still experiences difficulties with running water and electricity this choice of priorities would have been questionable if it wasn't politically timely.
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there was a time when the soviet union was feared and respected. russia position itself as a strong state people who visit his parents should feel like they've stepped on russian soil. technically that's already the case russian settlements and bergen have greener grass because of the several loads of black soil that was brought here from siberia in soviet times legally terra treat belongs to norway and nine hundred twenty agreement guarantees its signature is the right to conduct industrial activity on the archipelago an option fully utilized only by. mosco that for decades has been mining coal here. coproduced here has always been a pretty expensive but back in soviet times it was not an issue of economics but rather of politics needed to maintain its mining base here bergen at any cost but now production volumes have just a fraction of what they used to be but montagne russian presence here is still
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considered a matter of strategic importance the soviet methods die hard the mines equipment hasn't changed much in the last fifty years while the ethnic composition of the workforce could makes of you to feel solvent nostalgia. says i'm twenty seven years old so i don't have clear memories of the soviet union but i guess the soviet spirit is very well preserved and here we have people here from the cream central asian and we all feel like citizens of one culture ironically the attitude toward the mines perfectibility is also inherently soviet it's been a lost making venture for decades here increasing its efficiency is politically inconvenient. to be profitable we need to mind three times as much calls we do now. finite we have to. meanwhile russia has notably increased funding of scientific expeditions and
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spitsbergen in an effort to explore the archipelagos natural reaches. you get the bill thomas is a geologist who first arrived in baron's work in the early eighty's the collapse of the soviet union made him trade geology for business but the recent afternoon state funding allowed him to come back. to take graphically it's a place where the global weather is. ground for science and its oil gas and other minerals it's a place we simply can't afford to lose. and his country. seems to agree kind of aren't the bearings works pittsburgh an archipelago. just twenty minutes past the and that's it for me about with headlines in less than ten minutes from now before stay with us for our special interview with russia's ambassador to the u.n. batali churkin gives us his views on everything from the arab spring and palestinian statehood to the possibility of new violence in kosovo.
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investor kirk i thank you very much for that it seems certain that the united states you know it's veto power within the security council to prevent any recognition palestinian state what option the palestinians have before we
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go there let me address another issue if i may because this very moment we are facing a possible very dangerous escalation in tension was announced by the course of albanian or sort of this and pushed and basically to take over a northern course of a by force and another very disturbing element of the situation is that the international presence is ok for the nato force. and of the european a war mission ulick's which are there in order to preserve peace they seem to be cooperating with that very dangerous. of the course of all being and also what it is so other delegation of serbia here in new york has sent a letter to the president of the security council asking for an emergency meeting of the security council and russia is supporting this request in order to prevent those dramatic and dangerous developments in the course of a but i anticipate that we're going to have some other interesting debates in the
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security council first of all whether to convene that meeting or not and to me this will be a reality check on. about whether indeed the security council we in the united nations are interested in preventing disputes and peaceful mediation it's interesting you bring up cause because kosovo unilaterally declared its independence and with the support of the united states and many european countries this was done outside the scope of the security council and it was done with the backing of the us yet when it comes to the palestinians. the u.s. . has already been screaming. the position of the united states is very often not entirely consistent to put it mildly because they don't apply like some other. western european countries they don't do tend to apply double standards from time to time and we had the vote several months ago on a resolution of the security council the israeli settlements of the resolution was
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essentially composed of quotes without using marks of course from statements by president obama and secretary of state clinton and the united states went ahead and vetoed that resolution in the face of a one hundred twenty sponsors of that resolution so this is one of the problems i think in trying to put in train negotiations between the israelis and the palestinians if if the israelis get this kind of unqualified support from a country which is trying to play the main mediating role in the palestinian israeli situation then it does not really help to move matters talks must start between the israelis and the palestinians i know that there are contacts. there are certain requirements which the palestinians want to see for those talks to start and i hope of the israelis will see it. as something being to their advantage
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because in my view at least sort of pressures of various sorts are going to grow in israel especially that we know we cannot be assured of the will of the situation in the arab world is going to go i mean we are all full as i am sure was the hope of those who were on the front lines of the arab spring that things will evolve towards democracy and cetera et cetera but this kind of a positive scenario is not a sure at all european countries and the united states from what's been reported are trying. to push forward a resolution calling for more sanctions against syria and this is something that. the president of russia dmitry medvedev said he's not in support of because additional pressure he believes is not necessarily needed nor would it help. can you explain russia's position on on syria it is a very dangerous situation it is
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a very dramatic and tragic situation i think the russian position is reflected very well something which was a consensus position of the security council the first rule of the statement does come down. by the city and i thought it is excessive use of force but secondly it calls on everybody to stop violence including the opposition and also it calls for dialogue in order to resolve the differences and visions of what should happen. in syria and very importantly it calls for on the government of syria to implement the reforms that were there were not so this is exactly all line but more importantly our concern is that any sanctions resolution. on syria in the security council might be seen by destructive elements of syrian opposition as sort of encouragement looking at libya something similar to what happened in libya maybe happening in syria and that could have extremely destructive consequences our
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western colleagues are swearing to us that this is not their intention to use military force well incidentally we have to remind them that world. statements and assurances from them of various sorts when we're working on that resolution in libya which then we're very quickly forgotten in the heat of the bout that you needed in order to get out of this cycle of violence the dialogue. we we just don't see this scenario of regime change which somehow entertaining. as something which can be beneficial or which can improve in any way the humanitarian or economic or social situation in syria there have been reports that foreigners in particular colombian ukrainian nationals have been executed in libya by and armed forces. do you think that it's time for un peacekeepers to
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intervene in libya let me also tell you that we are keeping very close track of those reports and at every opportunity what is that in our discussions in the security council which we have very often and making sure that every measure is taken out of the new only been i thought it is understand the responsibility but of course nothing can diddled out because the situation as you pointed out correctly is quite dangerous and it's chaotic i would know that some sort of hold on hold pretty delusions have happened including some killings of black people simply because they were suspected of having been cut off from mercenaries this is something which you know caused our unhappiness when we were raising our complaints and what is about the. absence a lack of proper implementation of resolution one thousand seventy three if you want to protect civilians the last thing you do is stop
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a civil war and this is what happened let's face it.
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this is nazi come july from the russian capital b. twenty four hours a day top stories now at hall the out of the british and french leaders visit the libyan capital in a show of support for the new authorities people in tripoli still backing. fit that devotion and that line. also russia says it's time to lift the u.n. imposed no fly zone over libya introduced to save civilians measures criticized as being ineffective as it doesn't help those trapped in the last remaining. glass ready for podium becomes a third country in the space of a week to confirm joint missile defense shield plans with the.


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